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What does research tell us?

There is very little research on the above questions. (Please see our Resources section for some scholarly research in this area.) The current parenting literature suggests that it is important to develop and use culturally informed parenting programs. The gap in current practices and lack of information for immigrant families continues to contribute to stress on immigrant parents and families. 


A new paradigm is needed to buck this trend. 


Drs. Rastogi and Sahebi aspire to bring you parenting solutions. 

We integrate the most cutting-edge, best-practice parenting research with culturally sensitive practices mindful of a global audience in order to assist all families navigate the challenges of raising their children, given the challenges of our times. 


Our inclusive approach incorporates the new Systemic Inclusive Framework (Rastogi, In press) to guide our work with clients. The SIF is geared to be respectful of cultural and value differences, contextual, intersectional, incorporates guidelines of the World Health Organization, and can lead to new skills and insights. 

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