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How do we work with parents and families?

Research within the last several decades has emphasized how culture guides our parenting practices. We know that parents in different societies develop different kinds of parenting styles that fit the norms of the context in which they raise their children. 


But what happens when the culture from the country of origin vastly differs from the culture that a family is raising their children? 

Why do these differences sometimes create such huge parenting challenges? 

Or a rift in connection between the parent-child relationship?

And what can we do to help diverse families as they raise children from babyhood to happy, well-adjusted and successful adults? 


As consultants, Drs. Rastogi and Sahebi will work with you to:

  • Understand your specific parenting and family concerns as well as your overall background 

  • Create ways to address your challenges

  • Help you and your family improve your communication skills 

  • Empower you to make changes

  • Follow up to check how things work out

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