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We have the know-how you need.

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We are excited to get to know you! Our work includes all of you.
Please allow us to share a bit about ourselves, our parenting ideas and ways in which we want to partner with parents, families and the community. 
First things first---Here’s what LENS stands for: 
Systemic thinking

These are the four cornerstones of our approach.
Together, they form the core of what we believe all parenting should include. 
Drs. Mudita Rastogi and Bahareh Sahebi bring deep care, passion and decades of experience in working with diverse families. We most especially want to serve those families and parents who are often underserved and overlooked. They might include folks who are immigrants, bilingual, bicultural and/or have mixed heritage. 
Armed with the Parent LENS approach we become your allies. Our background includes education, training, therapy, coaching and community work. We are also bicultural, multilingual, world travelers who are open to exploring diverse viewpoints. You will find more information about us on this website under “More about us.”


Our Ultimate Goal

Our goal is to support the well-being of all families, help parents with Love, Empathy, Nurturing and Systemic thinking.

By working with your needs and providing culturally sensitive guidelines for appropriate parenting practices, we want to reduce the anxieties and fears of immigrant parents and contribute to healthier families. 


We address all parenting issues with sensitivity, while embracing diversity. 


We assist children, teens and youth in connecting more deeply with their parents, their heritage and a positive identity.


We consult with educators and health providers with pathways to intervene with diverse families. 

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